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Figure Skating Wear

To become a professional figure skater, sportsmen and sportswomen need many items, such as professional ice skates, figure skating costumes for training, costumes for competitions etc. As a rule, a whole equipment is very expensive, and it takes a long time to find everything a skater needs. There is a great number of ice skating outfits for performances and practice on ice rink. The most basic types are: coveralls, training suits, competition dresses, jackets, t-shirts. skirts, headbands, thermal underwear and others.

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Make your performances perfect with unbelievable figure skating dresses!

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Unique training clothes are available in our store!

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Quality of Our RG Leotards
Quality of Our RG Leotards
Stitches quality

All stitching is performed on industrial machinery. Triple quality control

Body measurements for a perfect fit are easy to make using our video guide